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You deserve to have high expectations, and we have a history of delivering exactly that.

Our History:

Building on Prior Success


Founded as RJS Capital by Ray Stecker offering investment services in Boston


Moved operations to a larger space in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA


Added expertise in macro economic forecasting and analysis. Company named changed to Boston Research and Management, Inc.


Added Financial Planning and Holistic Wealth Management to our Service Offerings


Increased expertise in tax and estate planning departments


Grown to one of New England’s premier comprehensive Wealth Management Firms

Our Values as a Fee-Only Fiduciary:

We’ll Do What’s Right for You

Since our establishment in 1991 as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we’ve been operating under the fiduciary standard and we continue to be committed to those same principles today.


Always acting in your best interests, we do not sell products or accept commissions or referral fees from any source. We hold ourselves to the highest levels of ethical and fiduciary standards possible.


We provide a very high level of transparency to your assets, online access and dual quarterly reporting, plus use third-party institutions as custodians. At all times, you have direct access to decision makers within the firm.

Independence & Objectivity

We value the luxury of being objective.  Because we are not affiliated with - or beholden to - any other financial institutions, we offer a completely independent and unbiased research and investment process.

Our Structure:

Collaborative team of experts working for you

Acting as a cohesive team of professional investors, we constantly communicate and collaborate with one another to improve our clients’ situations and to eliminate potential risks. This structure enables us to:

Maintain direct relationships: Clients speak directly with the decision makers working on their portfolios, not a “service advisor”.  Humans answer the phones here, and you will never need to type in an account number.  We know our clients.

Specialize in the research, execution and management of our clients' investment assets. We do not outsource this work, allowing us to customize each portfolio to our clients unique needs.

Our Approach:

Team Planning and Support Every Step of the Way

As wealth management is an ongoing process, we value (and you should expect) the following qualities:

In-person meetings

Alignment of your goals with your finances

Collaboration with your outside professionals

Complete and thorough reviews of your current situation

Exhaustive and ongoing evaluation of possible strategies

Never selling you products.