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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Boston Research and Management different from other firms?

Boston Research & Management couples decades of experience in Professional Investment Management with a team of experts dedicated exclusively to personal wealth management.   This structure is unusual today as most Professional Investors operate commingled funds – and many wealth management teams outsource the investment management.   Our unique Institutional level Research and Investment skills are often out of reach to most individual investors.

Do I need to live close to your office to be a client?

While we think sitting down at the same table is often the best way to understand clients and their goals, we do have clients all across the US.  Technology has enabled us to have face-to-face meetings regardless of the distance – and the ability to share computer screens has made these meetings even more productive.

Can I see my accounts online?

Yes.  Since Boston Research and Management does not take custody, your funds are held at a third-party custodian.  These institutions all allow you to directly log in to your accounts.  Additionally, we provide our clients with cutting edge account aggregation software, allowing you to view all of your accounts (regardless of the institution) on one page. 

Do you have a minimum account size for clients?

Boston Research and Management has a minimum requirement of $1M USD investable assets.

Will my children need to find another firm if they don’t meet your minimums?

We offer our services to any direct family relationships (children, grandchildren, etc) and waive our minimum account balance.  Often a different investment approach is necessary given smaller account sizes, but we enjoy helping our clients' children learn more about their first 401k, Roth IRA and budget.

Will Boston Research and Management require us to liquidate our investments if we hire you?

No.  Because we don’t run a “fund”, we can slowly and cautiously shift existing investments into our recommended holdings.  Many clients come to us with low-basis legacy positions.  We are well versed in developing plans to work around those holdings as well as in coordinating with accountants to unwind positions in tax friendly manner. 

How does your firm make money?

Boston Research and Management charges a flat percentage on the assets we manage for clients.  This is billed quarterly in arrears and is the only source of income to our firm.  We do not accept or receive commissions or referral fees.   Our annual fee starts at 1% and goes down with increased assets.  See our ADV for specific breakpoints.