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Protect and Grow Your Assets Sensibly

Investment Philosophy

Direct accountability for investment evaluation, selection and management. 

 Our deep roots in research and analysis enables us to:

Build and maintain intelligently constructed tailored portfolios.

Reduce or eliminate middlemen.

Constantly monitor the global investment landscape.


Preservation and growth of wealth through individual stocks

We feel even the best technology can’t replace old fashioned hard work when it comes to uncovering opportunities in today’s equity markets.  Our analysts can often be found with their sleeves rolled up, pencils sharpened, poring over earnings reports.  Our broad approach to equities includes:

Identifying and purchasing superior businesses at undervalued levels 

Employing proprietary bottom-up & top-down research to reveal attractive companies

Researching industry and sector trends, opportunities and risks in the current market

Disciplined, valuation-oriented process which favors opportunities often unnoticed by Wall Street

Altering capital allocations as we see fit for all our client portfolios

Fixed Income

Expertise to guide you through today’s interest rate environment

Unlike stocks, bonds lack a centralized trading venue and prices often vary greatly between dealers. Being unaffiliated with any single trading desk and not relying on third-party funds, we strive to increase the effective yield of our bond portfolios by:

Conducting our own objective research on bond issues

Identifying the proper bonds for a portfolio

Obtaining bids and offers from multiple firms to obtain the best prices

Strategically laddering maturities to reduce interest rate risk

Alternative Assets

Customizing positions that are right for you

Assets might not always fit into the category of stock or bond. We handle these investment concepts as well, and develop strategies for our clients personally.  We feel this tailored approach to alternative assets surpasses the “off the shelf” hedge funds commonly used in this space.

Examples of Alternative Assets we may incorporate include:



Managed Futures

Derivatives Contracts