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Your Wealth, Our Commitment


For the majority of high net worth families investments, legal issues, taxes, banking and estate planning needs can create complexity that diminishes confidence.  A disjointed combination of professionals at best creates inefficiencies, and at worst compounds potential risks.

Boston Research and Management acts in a collegial oversight role to help coordinate professional relationships in your life.  In this “Family CFO” role, we strive to:

Align your assets with guidance from your attorneys and accountants.

Expedite external financing transactions and coordinate directly with your bankers.

Organize your entire financial picture, so that you have greater confidence to pursue your objectives.

Holistic Monitoring

Overseeing your data safely

All clients have access to our secure online portal that aggregates account balances and holdings from any institution.  This powerful "Full View" of your finances allows us to collaborate on financial plans and projections with the most current information.