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Providing the advice you need today for tomorrow’s success

Financial Planning

A Process, not a Product

Our holistic view towards financial planning helps create strategies for whatever your goals and objectives may be, including complex situations such as:

Creating retirement income

Acquiring or disposition of real estate

Sale of a business

Executive stock options

Preserving family wealth

Fulfilling certain charitable intentions

Common situations that typically require advanced planning include:

  • Concentrated Wealth
  • Intergenerational Wealth Transfers
  • Sudden Wealth/Liquidity Event
  • Death
  • Divorce

Our financial planning process and practice of creating projections also impact and influence investment objectives for our clients, tying the entire experience together.

Estate Planning

Establishing a Plan:

Developing a strategy to benefit your family at an unknown future date is a daunting task. Our team helps clients to identify what’s most important to them, then assists in developing and implementing a plan to reflect those wishes.

Document Review & Implementation:

Life changes, yet many families don’t update their estate planning to reflect this. We review existing plans and documents, then oversee necessary changes to help ensure everything is properly integrated with your investment accounts and other holdings.

Charitable Planning & Lifetime Giving:

Both charitable giving and interfamily transfers are meaningful events for many families. We work closely with our clients to help develop strategies for timely and tax-efficient gifting.

Estate Settlement:

Our team is experienced in the unfortunate reality of settling estates after a passing. Often, proper preparation and organization can minimize the stress and workload on Executors and Trustees.

Tax Planning

Money spent on taxes today or in the future generally reduces investment portfolios - sometimes substantially. Our team has decades of experience in anticipating and helping to minimize taxes. We will work to construct a coordinated plan to manage, reduce or eliminate as many tax burdens to a portfolio as prudently possible, including current and future:

Federal & State Income Taxes

Capital Gains Taxes

Estate Taxes